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Restaurants and retail establishments generate large quantities of solid waste. A compactor from GK Industrial Refuse Systems is the most cost-effective and appealing way to handle these high volumes of garbage. Compaction of waste and recycle materials can provide substantial savings in labor and disposal costs over traditional drop box or container services by eliminating air space and reducing the number of hauls.

Compactors and balers can:

  • Reduce waste service fees
  • Reduce illegal dumping and pilfering by having locked and controlled access

Enclosed compactors also provide:

  • Control of pests and improvement in appearance
  • Reduced risk of fire hazard
  • Containment of odor problems

GK Industrial Refuse Systems carries many different sizes and styles of compactors that are designed to fit everything from the smallest trash room to a large loading dock. All of our compactors are safe and simple for employees to use. Our compactors are designed for easy loading from the ground, a loading dock, or a trash chute.

To further enhance your savings, GK Industrial Refuse Systems provides complete computerized monitoring systems and service to ensure that you get the most from your compactor.

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Remember to ask us about recycling of plastic garment bags and shrink wrap!