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Our general purpose compactors reduce labor costs and disposal fees by reducing the number pickups by collection services. They also help control pests and odor problems and improve housekeeping by providing an enclosed waste container. Other features include:

Features & Benefits:

  • Side-mounted power units offer the convenience and ease-of-maintenance that comes with a remote power pack and the space savings and easy installation of an integrated power pack. Remote power units are available as well.
  • Reduces fire hazard and saves on insurance premiums.
  • Cuts inventory shrinkage by curbing employee pilferage.
  • Requires less space for storage of solid waste.
  • Guided ram system for improved compaction efficiency and extended life.

The Difference...

Use these products for weekly volumes of more than 100 cubic yards of un-compacted dry waste materials. Select model based on a "feed (clear top) opening" that will accommodate the largest items being processed

Space-saving, compact models are available with 2 and 2.5 cubic yard charge box capacities. The compact size of these units make them ideal for dock applications. They take as much as 15% less space than other compactors of similar capacity. And the two cross-cylinders produce powerful compaction equal to larger body compactors.

Features & Benefits:

  • The patented by-pass cyclic control systems eliminate troublesome limit and pressure control switches! This produces superior payloads and reduces trash removal cost!
  • Tough heavy-duty power frame that includes 1/2” thick compaction chamber floor and ram face plate, liberal use of heavy hot-rolled channels, angles, and bars. The breaker bar is a 6”x8”x1” thick solid piece of hot-rolled angle steel.
  • A mobile power module, securely concealed, which can be relocated to either side of the compactor or converted to a remote power unit.
  • Ram guided system featuring graphite impregnated cast iron runners riding on replaceable wear strips. Less friction produces more efficient compaction and less floor wear.
  • The overall length of 72" enables the compact models to fit snugly against any structure. The compact size and 48" loading height eliminates the need for platforms with hand and toe rails.

We carry several different lines of products to provide the best value for the dollar.

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